Ellen Booth Church
Early childhood educator, keynote speaker, writer and product consultant.
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Ellen Booth Church Ellen Booth Church Ellen booth Church Ellen Booth Church

“The secret of genius 

is to carry the spirit of 

childhood into maturity."

- Thomas Huxley

Nationally recognized early childhood expert, Ellen Booth Church spent several years as both a pre-k and kindergarten teacher before becoming an early childhood assistant professor at the State University of New York. She is currently an early childhood educational consultant, keynote speaker, curriculum/product developer, and writer dedicated to enriching the lives of young children and their families. 

Ellen is also a columnist for Scholastic’s Parent and Child magazine as well as the author of many books for teachers and parents. In the world of Children’s Television, Ellen has consulted for PBS, Nelvana, and Cartoon Network on a wide variety of projects.


Ellen's specialties in Early Childhood Education include: Brain-Based Learning; Creative Music and Movement; Mindfulness and Compassionate Discipline; Circle Time; Transitions; Creative and Critical Thinking Skills; Kindergarten; Child Development; Language and Literacy; Infant and Toddler Development; Play

Keynote presentations
Teacher workshops / in-services
Article and book writing
Early childhood product development
Early childhood television consultation

NEWSFLASH: It has been a busy conference season and along with my keynotes and presentations I attended the International Bullying Prevention Association Conference in Nashville
and the NAEYC Annual Convention in Washington, DC.

I attended these with the visionary musician and author,
Jim Mayer. We  have been working together to creating the IM4U Campaign educational program designed to create a culture of social emotional awareness where Bullying is less likely to arise.

This innovative program for young children is based on 7 Principles that build understanding, community, equanimity and interconnection.
Through lively songs
, activities and discussions...children develop a sense of belonging and caring. Something we all need! 

Visit the website at: www.IM4U.co

Ellen has written useful Early Childhood laminated resource guides for
National Professional Resources, Inc.

One is on Transitions and the other on Classroom Management.

Visit the Website: http://www.nprinc.com/behavior-management-in-early-childhood/